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Essential reverse vasectomy Smartphone Apps

conditions that may prohibit her from being able to achieve the pregnancy because as great of a surgery as I can do to restore restore spur into a man’s ejaculate if I’m not at least addressing the female side of this I’ve done that couple no good so I want to know her fertility.

potential and I also want to know her patients level and I don’t mean this tongue-in-cheek it’s true that there is a difference in how I counsel couples based on when they want to get pregnant and you’d be surprised but not every couple that comes to see me says that they need to be pregnant in two months one month six months twelve months most of my couples plan out their vasectomy reversal.

Based on when they actually want to achieve pregnancy but if a couple comes to me and they say that they really really need to be pregnant in the next two or three months we’re gonna have a very different different conversation than if they are a little more patient with with when they want to achieve pregnancy and again that circles back to the age of the female because.

If a female is approaching the end of her childbearing potential years then perhaps a vasectomy reversal is not the right procedure and we’ll talk about that in our alternative section coming up so how do I counsel on success rates and that’s going to be the first question I’ll guarantee probably because I wrote it but I’m sure it’ll come through on the web as well through our Twitter feed what is that what are your success rates and and how do I know if this is going to be successful so one of the things that I say is time from vasectomy as we discussed earlier.