Beautiful Reasons We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Tucson Ac Repair

Readings Tucson ac repair like this before with the old unit we interesting to compare the two but you can compare this to whatever you’re getting out of your unit right now to help you make a decision of what you want to do in your situation okay so here comes the interesting part how much do we actually see here you see the graph for January it’s significantly lower February also significantly lower March lower not quite as much buzz the other ones but lower.

April is the kind of flu it’s almost the same but in April is when we have our big Easter party and we have inflatable on the pool running and doors opening May again another savings and then in June which blows me away because as a teacher I’m home and your kids are home during the summer and that’s just an incredible savings right there here’s a chart that I’ve prepared some data over like last four or five years color of our representative a year the most recent years which was our record year of energy is you can see the average trend line and black and Shiite can jump.

In the summer the red trend line there is for this year with the new you can already see that the fall was lower than usual to that’s when we already have new bed installed right after the high month of August with the brown barn down significantly for the fallen has remained down all through the red line there into June curious as to what we’re going to see for July and August but kind of a flat red line if you think about it I have to anticipate that.

The energy is going to remain kind of flat throughout the year give us the savings that we actually expected well that pretty much sums up the message that I’m trying to get across here this or if you are considering about upgrading from something like a seer unit to a this might give you the information that you need to make that decision now I didn’t go any higher than seer because.

This unit that purchased it was a non computerized non variable speed somehow felt that keeping it simple was a smart thing to do I didn’t want to go with a more advanced radical unit they have something run all the time some of them that have compared that change the speed according to what you need to me that’s just more items that can break and carry a pretty.

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